Question 1: What Cultural mistakes that people could make in the UAE.

  • Men greeting women by touching their hands.
  • Asking women over and over again if they are FORCED to wear the Abaya and Shayla.
  • Keep staring.
  • Refusing the coffee when its offer.
  • Taking things with left hand.
  • Taking photos without permission.

Question 2: What about misunderstandings that Emiratis could cause when they travel abroad?

  • Being loud.
  • Use strict facial expressions that may lead to misunderstanding.
  • Communicating or giving comments in Arabic.
  • Pointing at others.
  • Clapping hands when laughing.
  • Judge people from the way they dress. More like talking bad or glare at them.
  • Make fun out of people’s behaviors. Mocking them sometimes.
  • Taking photos without permission.

Teachers at the Collage?

  • Staring for too long.
  • Mentioning “Wasta” a lot. Thinking that all people have it which is wrong.
  • Stereotype!

Three colours worldview.

Honor/Shame(5)   Guilt/Innocence(13)   Power/Fear(2)

1- Focus on establishing what is right and wrong.
2- Gets frustrated when things don’t happen according to the policy or rules.
3- Passionate about making the right choices in life.
4- Give a reason to be trusted.
5- Focus on establishing what brings honor/shame to the group.